Spinning the same corporate wheel day in and out can be monotonous for all the parties involved. People start becoming lazy and work productivity declines drastically due to the monotony. Every employee needs to recharge his/her spirit and that?s where team building activities come in handy. Whether you corporation is based in Malaysia or if that?s the destination for the corporate retreat, here are some amazing outdoor activities to try out while in the area.

Malaysia is a lovely and scenic destination for outdoor team building activities. One mile after the other is filled with wonders of nature that awe everyone present. Thousands of people have identified it as the top destination not only for corporate retreats but also for vacations. Taking your employees to Malaysia will definitely be one of the most unforgettable and exciting decisions you can ever make. Whether you are planning to spend your vacation or retreat indoors or outdoors, the whole country has become a haven for tourists from all walks of life. Here are few ideas we got from eEssence Adventure – team building program.

1.    Adventure Challenges
trekking activitiesAway from the office and off to a retreat in a Malaysia, one of the best team building activity would be adventure challenges. Here employees get to test their physical and mental endurance as they spend time on several mountains in the area. Naturally, employees have to work together to get through several hikes to the top reach at the top, making sure no one is left behind. Even better, this helps the employees display their personal competence as well as their will to help others.

2.    Treks Through The Jungles
Just as Malaysia is a fun destination for all the scenic sites, it’s also a place with jungles, some of which will prove to be the best activities for a corporate retreat. The employees can pair up or work together as a group to find animals or plants. It is always uplifting working through various tough environs and eventually finding your top prized item.

3.    Whitewater Rafting

White Water rafting in Malaysia
Everyone loves rafting and especially doing it as a team building exercise. That’ss why all the waters in Malaysia come in handy. According to eEssence, this includes pairing all the employees into groups, marking the distance to be rafted and turning the sport into a competitive sport would certainly make everything interesting for every employee involved. It is exhilarating, fun, adventurous and all the same competitive. It is certainly one of the best team building exercises that will energize and revitalize every participant.

4.    Going Through The Canyons
The inviting wilderness of Malaysia is the perfect place to take a trip through the canyons. There is an adrenaline rush brought out by this physical and mental challenge that employees can share together and experience the very best of Malaysia. Most of the canyons are located in the remote areas of the country and it might be easy or difficult to do depending on how everything is tackled. Naturally, you need to hire a guide who will provide all the employees with necessary skills as well as proper gear for a trip through the canyons in Malaysia.

5.    Treasure Hunting (Amazing Race Style)
Amazing Race is one of the longest running shows that allow participants to travel throughout the world hunting treasures and solving challenges. It is received global acclamation especially for promoting tourism in most of the neglected countries in the world. Well, if you are looking for an amazing exercise for your employees in Malaysia, treasure hunting would certainly do the trick. Involve the locals and a few people in your own group to make the treasure hunting exercise unbelievably exciting. Team building adventures

Team building exercises are not only limited to adults only, all the employees can bring along their families and enjoy these amazing activities together.