How to Hire an Event Organizer

Hiring a good event organizer can be a daunting task. It takes time to search and screen several event planners. Event planners can make your event successful. Because they have several years of experience. They are good with people. And they will stick to your budget.

Here is how to hire an event organizer.

Area of Expertise

A good event planner is a good fit for your event and organization. Therefore, find out the events the event planner usually works on. If you are organizing a business-to-business event, look for an event planner that organizes business-to-business events. This is because the event planner is good at organizing these events.

Services Offered

According to AD Event, you should hire an event planner that can handle your requirements. For example, some event planners will help you find a venue, hire speakers, organize catering, find accommodation and transportation, and get audiovisual services. Also, they work with reputable vendors. So, they can refer you to their vendors. Hire an event planner that will help you secure good deals.

Your Objective

What is the objective of your event? Why are you hiring an event planner? Communicate your goals with your potential event planners. Talking about your important goals with event planners will help you hire an event planner that will help you achieve these goals.

They can share ideas of achieving these goals, which makes it easier to hire the right event planner.


Event planners do not work for free. They make a living planning and organizing events. Do not be surprised to find expensive event planners. You must know how to the event planner charge.

For instance, some event planners charge per person, hourly rate, a flat fee, and a percentage. And find out if they have additional fees such as travel expenses. Hire an event planner that suits your budget.

The Team

Using an event planning company? The company will send a team to work on your event. Therefore, you need to know the team that will work on your event. You need to know you are getting a good team. Also, find out if the company provides back up support if one of their employees fails to show up. Hire a company with qualified and friendly workers.


The best event planners protect your event. They are familiar with the latest health and safety regulations. They carry out event-specific risk assessments. They have planning liability insurance. And they make sure the event suppliers have the right insurance. Hire an event planner that creates an event safety plan for your event.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

It is possible to cancel or postpone your event. Some event planners will still charge for the hours utilized. Therefore, you need to know the cancellation and refund policy of the event planner. Ask the event planner what happens if the event is canceled due to bad weather. A good event planner will help you obtain event cancellation insurance on your behalf.

In conclusion, hiring a good event planner is simple. Do proper research. Talk to several event planners. Then, hire a friendly event planner you are comfortable talking to.

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